Now closed: “Still available for start 2017: MSc and PhD Studentships for South African students”

Please note that the deadline for application for the scholarships has lapsed.

A limited number of MSc and PhD studentships are available for potential students who wish to pursue graduate research in the group of Kristian Müller-Nedebock, starting in 2017. These are generously awarded by the National Research Foundation. Should you be interested in a research project please contact Kristian M-N.

Please read some useful information, should you be interested.

Considering doing research in our group?

We welcome interest in joining the post-graduate research programme in this group. Please peruse the pages on this site to see what kind of research on this site.

For 2017 and beyond the efforts in the group will focus on the following issues:

  • Active matter (in particular further exploration of motility assays)
  • Confined networks (computer simulations and analytical calculations on the distribution of filaments within confined environments). An important task will be the development of image processing algorithms and detailed interpretations of experiments (various types of microscopy). This project has close collaboration with experimentalist colleagues in Stellenbosch and the UK.
  • Mitochondrial networks or autophagy: computer modelling from general flow properties to detailed simulations.

Interested persons should have a strong background in statistical physics and some field theoretical techniques. As can be seen from the projects descriptions above strong computational skills are also required. The field is fast-moving and challenging which requires extremely dedicated and capable scientific minds!

Please include in your initial query a detailed academic record (listing specifically the quantum mechanics and statistical physics texts you studied), a CV, as well as a paragraph or two why you would like to do research in the specific fields of the research group.

Janusz Meylahn MSc successful

Janusz Meylahn, group member and MSc student, has successfully passed his MSc exam.

We congratulate Janusz and wish him well in his next adventure!

Paper: Molecular dynamics simulations of polymer systems under geometrical confinement

Arash Azari, Kristian K. Müller-Nedebock “Entropic competition in polymeric systems under geometrical confinement”, EPL 110 68004 doi:10.1209/0295-5075/110/68004 (alternatively,

We present simulations of alternating copolymers of segments of different stiffness that are confined within regions.  Mixtures of different chains then have different arrangements depending on the size of the confining region.

In another paper we shall be addressing related (not identical) systems from a more analytical point of view.

Professor Sir Sam Edwards

In the daily scientific activities of this research group, the scientific insights and methods of Professor Sir Sam Edwards are very frequently employed.  We use his theoretical tools when studying networks or topology of polymers, and the understanding of the dynamics of polymers is forever influenced by his magnificent insights.

We remember a truly great physicist and remarkable and kind supervisor.

Professor Dame Athene Donald has written a lovely and comprehensive tribute to Sir Sam: On the loss of a giant.