Talks, posters, etc. (2015)

Recent talks and posters by Kristian Müller-Nedebock

  • “Networks of stiff polymer chains in confined geometries” at Physical Aspects of Polymer Science (Manchester)
  • “Dynamical networks of filaments with applications to active systems: motor attachments, linking, and stepping on filaments” seminar at University of Sheffield
  • “Reversible network models in motor attachment, stepping and cross-linking of filaments” at EBSA (Dresden)

Paper: porous media

T Jacobs, GO Lloyd, J-A Gertenbach, KK Müller-Nedebock, C Esterhuysen, and L Barbour “In situ X-ray Structural Studies of a Flexible Host Responding to Incremental Gas Loading” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 51, 4913–4916 (2012).

Group member: Somiéalo Azote

Somiéalo Azote joins the group in September 2015 to pursue a PhD, working on mechanical properties of collections of cells.

Currently Somiéalo is working on the role of cytoskeletal networks in the elastic response of cells. Eventually this will be coupled into a model for tissues.

We are grateful for generous funding of her studies by the Organisation for Women in Science for the Developing World.

Group member: Sthembiso Gumede

Sthembiso Gumede has been a member of the group for a number of years.  Currently he is well into his research for PhD on tethered membranes and their stability.  Previously, Sthembiso completed a MSc degree on polymer translocation, also in the group.

We appreciate funding of his work from the National Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Testing mathematics display on this site

Here is an equation based on integration over \(x\).  This is a test.

$$I_{\xi}=\int_{0}^{+\infty}\mathrm{d}x\,\,\left[\frac{\sin\left( x^2 \right)}{1+x^\pi} \right]$$

Janusz Meylahn MSc successful

Janusz Meylahn, group member and MSc student, has successfully passed his MSc exam.

We congratulate Janusz and wish him well in his next adventure!